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  Journey of the Self, through the Self, to the Self  (BG:13-24)



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Welcome to mindexplorer

         Knowledge is Power...

              ...Information is Cheap              


They who worship Practice (Avidya) alone fall into blind darkness, 
and they who worship Knowledge (vidya) alone fall as though 
into an even greater darkness.

            A little knowledge, echoing the words of the wise does not a genius make...
it takes lots of practice and understanding.


Mindexplorer is a portal that integrates both Eastern and Western modalities for integrative health care. Involves body, mind and spirit applying techniques of sensory awareness, concentration exercises, contemplations meditation

Health and happiness leads the way in the order of importance for most people.

Towards that goal many approaches have been developed over the course of time. All approaches are orchestrated by the mind. The mind controls all human functions-physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Most people are slaves to these functions, yet some have found ways to control all these functions. Many devise techniques and rigorous disciplines in order to control the mind and its sub-functions. Although from a practical point of view it is better to train your inclinations rather than to exhaust yourself with disciplines.

As a Mindexplorer you learn to explore all potentials for optimal health and happiness.

Following a discipline without understanding your inclinations can be strenuous, tedious and boring. Surely following a drill for the first time or even the first few times might be exhilaration, but the new found sensation will fade away soon.

In order to train your inclinations you must know your mind, its nature and tendencies.  You must Learn the functioning of your mind and explore each component  part ; how they work separately and as a whole . Training your inclinations will enable you to control all the human functioning which include: body systems, energy, emotions and spirit. Training your inclincations engages five levels of meditation all of which are part of being a mindexplorer.

Once you organize your inclinations in a way that maximizes your efforts, the disciplines to master yourself become joyous. Towards that end, several sciences and philosophies are employed that embraces the most powerful teachings both eastern and western.  These teachings and techniques highlights all five components of health.

The mindexplorer program maximized your time and efforts by harnessing all sensory modalities into one single event.

  Copyright of Yogarishi Deolal Mahabir (Nov 1998)




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