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  Journey of the Self, through the Self, to the Self  (BG:13-24)



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Echoes Of Life |Basic Concept |Personal Bio


The "Universe" is a hierarchy of "Energy!"

"Man" is a hierarchy of "Energy!"

Whatever went into the building of the entire universe also went into the building of man (human-kind). As such whatever is to be found in the universe in also in man and whatever is not in us is no where else to be found. The grossest aspect of this hierarchy we are able to see feel in its physical manifestation. The subtler aspects hold the grosser aspect together but without understanding the subtle it difficult to recognize.

Below you will find just a little illustration of the general aspects of this hierarchy.



Koshas_3D_3.gif (93331 bytes)

The Five Sheaths that Constitutes the Human Person

Form Follows Function!

Form follows function!...remember this as you continue reading.

Annamaya Kosha: the food sheath  being the grossest level of our existence and  that which we all see and identify as being the physical body; made up of all the body building components: cells, tissues, ligaments, tendons, sinews etc. These make up the enormous study of Anatomy and Physiology the details of which is tremendous and takes several years of study to learn all the body parts and systems, and further the things that can go wrong with it. Then some detailed years on the all the different medicines, potions and drugs that is necessary to deal with the dysfunctions and illnesses. This approach seems to be consistent with the western system of medicine where the symptoms are or primary focus. If we are going to use the standardized approach of studying, then no one is capable of knowing everything about the human body nor does it seem likely to ever happen.

        The physical form is there only to serve a subtler function, 
        and that function here is the energy system. 
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Pranamaya Kosha: the energy sheath is the second level, subtler than the physical body and is the link between the body and the mind. It is this energy level that holds the molecular structure and hence the physical body together. When we become depleted and feel loss of energy this is usually where we feel it. The Pranamaya Kosha is subtler than the physical body and so is deeper within as well as it is outside the body field. Hence the body is housed by the Pranamaya Kosha, the Energy Sheath. To study this system and have any kind of mastery takes many more years to practice to become aware of it and to be able to manipulate it for any beneficial purpose.

The Energy System is a form that serves an even subtler function, and that function is the Mind.
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Manomaya kosha: the mind sheath subtler yet than the energy sheath, deeper within and more expansive without. This is where all the mental activity takes place and it is here that we have the four primitive urges. They are the urge for:



Self-preservation and

Procreative impulse.

These are the urges that we share in common with all the other creatures and living beings. These are basically Food to survive, Sleep for repair, Sex as a procreative impulse for the survival of the species, and so lastly Self-preservation for continued existence. The combination of these four gives rise to many rippling levels of nuances that in themselves will take lifetimes to study.

The Mind is a form that serves an even subtler function, and that function is the Faculty of discrimination!
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Vijnanayama Kosha: the intellectual sheath (as is translated) and is subtler yet than the mental body and sometimes called the higher mind. This is the level at which the faculty of discrimination exists, and where we find the natural urge, the human urge for understanding oneself and we call this urge the fifth urge i.e. the need for myth. And it is here that we have the four-fold questions: who am I? Where have I come from? And where am I going? What is my purpose here? You can even hear everyone from the little child who says 'Why?' Why! To everything on the one end, to the person who on their dying moments with their last breath saying Why?!-Verbally or mentally. If we are able to function from this level then we would take from the universe that which is beneficial for us at any given moment, and not depend on labels that are attached.

The Discriminative Faculty is a form that serves and even subtler function and that function is the Spirit...our Volition body.
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Anandamaya Kosha is the sheath of bliss, the subtlest level.  That which is our level of rest or unrest. When we are at peace or harmony with ourselves, which constitutes happiness we say we are in bliss and then there is no need to ask the four fold questions nor need for the primitive urges, the energy is balanced and the body is close to stress free. It is here that we experience absolute volition or where fear and anxiety begins.

The Spiritual body or the Bliss sheath is a form that serves the highest function, the Absolute Divinity within.
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There is a saying, "A wounded body cannot be mended with a broken spirit and a broken spirit cannot be healed in a wounded body"

These five levels from the gross to subtle are what we would like to bring into harmony; with these in harmony we have homeostasis. Homeostasis is needed to heal simultaneously on all levels.

In Eastern and Oriental Medicine there is a quote

The Highest doctor is the sage/spiritual preceptor/ guru who advises on the quality of life and living harmoniously with the universe within which he lives...he helps you understand the saying "bloom where you are planted".

The Second Doctor is the food doctor who advises on the science of eating correctly and for preventive medicines and therapeutic results.

The Third Doctor is the Herbalist who uses his skills and knowledge of medicines to alleviate ailments.

The Fourth Doctor the Surgeon employs his skills to repair damages resulting from injuries. 

These does not cater for manual medicine which should be together with the second place doctor. In some cases this person might be the first as well.

Through introspection and self transformation we can become our own sages and having done that we have absolute volition.

Story illustration
There is a story of three referees, one young, one middle aged and an old referee. As the story goes... 
the Young referee having finished his studies and  knowing all the rules and being very eager in his knowledge, says "I call it like I see it!" and he is very proud about his call. 
Then the middle age referee looks at him in amusement and says "oh! He is green yet, I call it like it is!". 
Then the old referee, who is perhaps ready to retire anytime, heard this and he declares, "These boys have a long way to go...It is, what I call it!"...this is example of Volition.
Only when you know yourself can you say "it is, what I call it" and not have to dance to the beat of somebody else's drums...in a manner of speaking. The more volitional we become the less fears we have and the less we are subjected to the stressors that these fears bring and our perceptions become clearer, our decision making is easier and more accurate our immune system becomes stronger and this leads to improved health

To know yourself at the deepest (or highest) level is to dance to the beat of your own drum, is to live your life in the highest attunement with the universe. This is Holistic health. This is perfect Ecology...saving the planet one person at a time. And set off a chain reaction through the universe. Your journey with me is to seek that very Volition, that very Free Will, to be able to say in the end, "It is what I call it" ...at least for me!
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My interest in these fields got strengthened during the time that I was working for several large scale industries, including TEXACO and AMOCO, at the time, as a consultant for Energy Conservation. Being involved with the Human energy systems, it inevitably became a focus to consolidate my energies into working with and on people more leading me to my current practice. Now I am embracing the Internet and use of the Internet and other forms of communication in order to extend my ability to people all across the globe in the field of Energy Conservation and Communication
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To continue to integrate different systems and the essences of cultural approaches the to Human Energy Conservation and Communication. I see it becoming increasingly necessary, especially since more and more people are embracing their computers rather than each other. We do not want to see human contact gone awry.
My studies and practice have taken me far back into history where, I am able to reach the connecting links between many cultures and at what point they got separated. This study has become accessible and available in part, through the magic of the internet.
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Apart from being a Therapist, I also have been practicing Yoga for over fourty years and have been teaching since 1972 and I am also a Zen-Shiatsu instructor. I practiced Martial Arts for over 25 years studying various forms, including Karate, Aikido, Tai Chi and Ch'i Gong. And to make sure that I had some exposure to the fine arts, I did classical vocal music for six years and still continue to practice whenever I teach vocal and percussion.

Also very helpful were the many question that students have been asking me over the years. They have helped me to focus my own intentions for myself first and then to the need of others as part of that first. So please continue to send me questions and comments at livezero@mindexplorer.com this way we can pass on to others from your vast experiences as well.
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Through the years of experience it has found that working towards strengthening the nervous system is a most beneficial way to start off as a course of action. If a person is already afflicted in body and wounded in spirit then it of no advantage to start going in and  removing lesions physically, and opening up old emotional scars even though they may very well be the cause. The approach then, is the strengthen the body so that the person feels good about themselves, to the point where the person feels strong enough physically to be able to handle whatever is behind, emotionally and spiritually. Then through other means if necessary, to remove old restriction and subtle impressions that are affecting the individual. Removing them in a way that does not leave the person feeling vulnerable. Counsel them on what to do on their own via diet, yoga and meditation (Tai Chi or Chi Gong) and spiritual counseling.
A rounded approach that takes into account the person's body, energy, mind, conscience and spirit...the five sheaths.

How long does it take?...it takes as long as it takes! To understand your whole life and what has happened sequentially to cause afflictions is not subject to quick fixes and takes time to unfold.