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All the aspects of health can be categorized into five components. One of those categories is Diet and Nutrition.

Diet and Nutrition has become such a complex subject with hundreds of books available, each one claiming to have the right one. The result is that the Diet fad monster that was created has grown to be very powerful. 

What is the right diet?

I don't know...No one really knows and can claim to know, however one of the principles in yoga called Swadhyaya-self study advocates that we should study our selves. In this case what we eat, how we eat, when we eat, and why we eat is part of this study. Many a times we eat to fill the emptiness in the mind rather than for nutritional reasons. Further, in eastern and oriental medicine food is classified according to the five elements and this classification can be superimposed upon the basic food groups and one can  "customize"  their own dietary program. 

An additional problem is the quality of food that we have available to us is no longer prime, coupled with busy lifestyles we seldom stop to pay attention to our bodies needs. The corporate world fosters the corporate diet, which seems to mean "eat on the run". the result is that our bodies are not getting the right kind of nutrition. Hence, the need for supplements as an adjunct to our dietary intake. The question is how do we know what is good for our bodies needs?

 Again the word customization comes up and this a most important aspect to our good health, which can be done right at you own home.

Now more than ever there is need to customize our dietary and supplementary intake.

Customization of food is difficult and has to be done on an on going basis and it is up to the individual to study and structure their own diet using defined guidelines and later re-structure and refine. It is an ongoing self study in which everyone becomes their own laboratory and their dietary intake is the experiments. For this program you will need some consultation.

For more information on customization of food, please write to the address below 

For more information of customize nutritional supplements please write to the address below. We cannot afford to leave our health up to chance or go to Nutrition 

 Once in a  while a truly great opportunity comes by and if your timing is right you can ride the wave of success or wait till the next great opportunity comes around again.

An article in USA TODAY, February 16th, 1998  wrote

 "Customize and they will come; Made to order makes money."

The Wall Street Journal, April 29th, 1999

"Mass customization becomes the new marketing mantra ...even personalized vitamins." 


Only recently, there has been a revolution in the field of health and nutrition. A program which significantly reduces your cost for greater health only available for now in the United States.

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