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  Journey of the Self, through the Self, to the Self  (BG:13-24)



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Echoes Of Life |Basic Concept |Personal Bio

Echoes Of Life

"AUM" symbol in Mount Kailas

"To Take For Pleasure, That Which Causes Pain, Is Verily  Ignorance."-(this is a loose translation)

Patanjali...codifier of the Yoga Sutras

Ever so often we are asked to suspend our disbelief, to look outside of the norm, and accept something that is thought impossible despite the resistance. In fact most scientific advancements  and theories started with the phrase "a funny thing happened". Then a revolutions takes place. Galileo Galilee was put under house arrest when his perceptions though accurate went against the normal belief at the time, only to be accepted later. The great Sir Isaac Newton, in all his greatness, said "If I seem great, it is because I stand on the shoulders of great men".

After he got hit by the falling apple and "woke up!" he came to understand gravity and subsequently Newtonian physics was born and his greatness became renown. His greatness came because the path was already paved by such men like Galilee, whose work also grew as a result of what someone had done before. Newton's work stood solid ground but then there came in individual who was very much an idiot and he also eventually did his own thing. The result of his work was that the very ground upon Newtonian physics stood was shaken. The same idiot is now revered as the great genius, and the father of modern physics.  His name...Dr. Albert Einstein, and his work, relativity...but that is all relative!

In mentioning the ground work laid down by others before, the discussion on "gravity" was done by Shankara in the around the 8th century AD though it was used only as a reference while a more important topic was being discussed.

Can you imagine a man walking on the moon?  Well! ...man has also done that. There was a time when it was thought impossible to run a mile under four minutes...and then it was done! There are many things that are considered impossible because we have not done it yet.

So far you are doing fine, lets us go a little further. Imagine that every semblance of a circle were to be remove from every book in every library on the face or the earth. Not even the word circle in any language is known or even described in some way...what would happen to civilization as we know it? Well, let's see. We would not have cars because that depends on wheels, wheels are circles; we would not have a concept of the clock, that depends on a circle. We certainly would not have computers because for computers we use a binary system of 1's and 0's i.e. fifty percent circles. Now we are getting to where it is impossible to imagine the world without computers. In fact, we would have been thrown back into a time in history long before the pyramids were built...long time ago!!!.

What would happen? Well, someone would notice that the seasons come round in a cycle and prepare for it, that the moon becomes round in a cyclical manner, that you can roll a big block on the trunk of a tree to build a pyramid. Someone will come up with a way to build the wheel and make a bullock cart and so on, until life as we know it will have been re-established. It is our very nature to want to find more effective ways and efficient ways of doing things and we will imagine all of the same inventions to accomplish the same things. We will have another Galileo, Newton, Einstein, Edison and many others all over again. Why? Because all that knowledge is already within us, and it is unfolded as the need arises.

In each one of us there is a Galilee, a Newton, an Einstein, we just have to tap into it, to use our imagination. Mark Twain was the one who said that Education stops our learning. I don't know what was in his thoughts when he said that, but I have the same opinion. Education forces us to behave according to established protocols and while in the comfort of those protocols or lack of , we find a way to stop our creativity. We cease to understand our inner urges. We cease to be in touch with them.

 Since we have all that knowledge already, all we have to do is to tune in within, rather than running about searching here and there picking up tid-bits of information here and there and then calling ourselves educated and I dare say we argue that we are intelligent.

We stop believing in our abilities for some three categories of reasons, the first of them being 'wrong understanding.' Then we wait for someone else to show us the way. In addition, if a person goes on to scrutinize the result of his/her undertaking from the very start of an action then he or she will never make progress but will surely court failure. I am going to ask you to suspend your disbelief for yet another time and spend some time with me. I will show you some incredible things that you can do for yourself to improve you Health, Rejuvenation and Longevity, as part of you personal transformation. Physical practices and observances that take you from the grossest aspect of your being, through the mental, to the spiritual, and perhaps beyond...who knows!!! The possibilities are limitless. The above mentioned Dr. Einstein said that the greatest force in the universe is imagination. If you look at the word "Imagination" closely you will see that it comes from the words "image-in-action"

As a Holistic Health Consultant and Integrative Bodywork Therapist, I combine over forty-five  years of Yoga & Meditation, thirty-five years of Shiatsu, and Ohashiatsu, Eastern and Oriental Medicine, CranioSacral Therapy, Myofascial Release and other forms of both Eastern and Western Modalities. Embracing as an Educator and as a Practitioner the five essential components of health:

1. Touch,

2. Nutrition,

3. Physical Culture (exercise, yoga, tai chi etc.)

4. Rest/Relaxation and

5. Meditation.

 The goal being, to find the most underlying cause not just the most recent cause and transform it. This is especially valuable as preventive medicine. To move from one plateau of health to a higher plateau of health until we reach our highest potential.

As an Integrative Bodywork therapist...I combined many disciplines which include but is not limited to: Ayurvedic Massage, Swedish massage, Myofascial Release, Zen-Shiatsu, CranioSacral Therapy (CST), Polarity, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Eastern and Oriental Medicine and other modalities and Eastern philosophies. This multi-disciplinary approach has far reaching beneficial effects on the body, energy, mind, intellect and spirit as is shown in numerous research studies in the United States, Europe and Asia both recently and in Ancient times.

Many years were spent practicing and living the above disciplines as part of my monastic training. As a result I have used these disciplines as tools towards "involution", to go within and bring forward the depths of knowledge that is already our birthright. My continuing endeavor through practice and understanding and some more practice hopefully, will enable me to bring to you ways to tap into that knowledge within and then we will all share a one common theme, one goal towards our highest potential.

Come with me, the journey is not to long...only a few eons! Not too far...only a few galaxies! All which is at your finger-tips and a click!!! away.

Please return and visit with me as I will be offering some powerful thoughts, ideas, practical hints, both ancient and modern, perhaps some provocations as well. 


Come! let us toast to your improved health, vitality and beauty. All of which is already within you.

Please send questions, comments, encouragements, constructive criticisms to