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Muscle Meridian Sedation Integrated Approach




Muscle Meridian Sedation

Integrated Muscle Meridian Sedation- This approach is a modern adaptation of age old multi dimensional healing approach. Consider that there are thousands of pathological condition that can debilitate a person. According to the philosophies of Eastern and Oriental Medicine as well Western forms of Holistic healing we are all carriers of all pathological at any one given moment. As long as the immune system stays strong these conditions remain in subdued. The moment the immune systems falls below a certain threshold level one or more of these condition will emerge and 'stick its ugly head' up sort-to-speak. Depending on the conditions there are different threshold levels. The hurdle then is to stop the cascade and recover from the condition.

With the number of conditions running in to thousands that make up the field, it is impossible for one physician or branch of medicine to know all of these condition, their characteristics and treatments. The methods of choice for treatment in many cases are not pleasant. In many cases there is a lot of 'trial and error' involved.

Good news is, on the other hand all these conditions can be kept in check by keeping in balance 12 systems. And it is possible for one person to know all twelve systems. These 12 systems in turn can bring back into homeostasis, the entire nervous system and endocrine systems.

Utilizing this form of manual therapy 'Muscle Meridian Sedation', a system which combines the effect of various forms of bodywork therapies (there are over 275 listed manual modalities) all of which can be brought under one 'umbrella' of treatment and have healing effect. The effects are established on the physical level, mental/emotional level and spiritual level all connected through hierarchal energy systems. This  approach of Muscle Meridian Sedation also includes all five streams of healing modalities.


Muscle Meridian Sedation seminars

What participants get from these seminars.

Massage Therapist participating in these seminars will receive approved CEU's towards re-certifications and re-licensing.

Both professional and lay participants learn and will develop mastery to make changes on multi levels of the human system. participants will learn to make positive changes to and bring balance to the spinal nervous system. They will also learns methods to master their own body mechanics as a practitioners to increase longevity as a bodywork therapist.

Hands on techniques for immediate use on returning to their practice. Even usable by the lay person. In addition you learn how to deepen and sustain the effects of a body work treatment, and Deep Relaxation and Restoration Techniques.

During the Seminar

Receive much needed bodywork, especially for those who have not received bodywork in a while. rejuvenation exercises for healthy spinal nervous system and spinal nerves ganglia. Positive changes to the endocrine system and vital organs.

 Seminars offered through EliteCME www.elitecme.com tel:1-855-769-9889