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Now you can Improve Your Health with Customized Nutritional Supplements!


Do you know that over 150 million Americans take a vitamin supplement every day, and most have no idea what they "personally" need?


The Solution is Customized Nutrition 

Through In-Home Testing


You complete a confidential questionnaire and collect a urine specimen privately at home. Your sample will be picked up by FED-EX and delivered to MetaMetrix Lab, which will conduct these tests:

  1. OXIDANT STRESS TEST which assesses you antioxidant needs based on the effect of free radical attacking your body.

  2. DETOXIFICATION TEST which measures how well you eliminate toxins from you body.

  3. NITRIC OXIDE REGULATION TEST determines how well your body's inflammatory and immune systems are functioning.

This test panel is typically administered for $225 to $330 or more, (some place as much as 250% markup)
We have exclusive arrangement with top labs in the country makes it available to you for only $79.95.

People are as unique in their nutritional requirements as they are in their physical appearance, gender, age, weight, and genetic background. Dietary habits and ongoing environmental factors also affect nutritional needs.

Based on your nutritional test and analysis, MetaMetrix Laboratory, one of the top metabolic nutritional testing labs in the country will deliver your Test Result Report and automatically ship your monthly supplies of customized vitamins and mineral supplements direct to your home. In collaboration with H.V.L Douglas labs.

Don't leave you business to chance...Boston Based company is expanding their In-Home Medical Testing Program to your area. We are currently showing a TV commercial in 63 million homes nationwide on Time-Warner stations, Court TV) weekly.

Four major medical tests (Pregnancy, HIV, Diabetes and Cholesterol) over the past 30 years have started the boom in IN-HOME Testing. This 4 years old company is creating wealth from the power of TV. This program is creating the next MEGA-TREND by revolutionizing the way people take care of themselves, by CUSTOMIZING NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENTS.


We are actively seeking entrepreneurs wanting to be a part of this greatest health revolution and wealth building opportunity. Call for a preview station and location nearest to you!

For more information 

Call Independent Member @ (904)-642-1486

write to livezero@mindexplorer.com