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  Journey of the Self, through the Self, to the Self  (BG:13-24)



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Panacea gone awry

It has been said that Yoga is a panacea, it is a cure for anything and everything. The only problem is that if one cannot do yoga then they cannot receive the benefit of this panacea.

Since the individual cannot do this practice which is a panacea they need to have something to tide them over until such time that they can practice Yoga or some kind of healthful habit.

I have heard many people say that they cannot stand taking medication or pills. But these same people who cannot stand medication will generally do nothing to promote health. Something happens to them and they are ill and want to get relief. They proceed to receive good advice about taking care about their health and the good advice goes to waste for the moment because they are unable to follow the advice mostly from being momentarily incapacitated. 

The result is that they end up taking the same medication that they claim they don’t like in the first place. The medication does what it is supposed to do and that is to tide them over, During this momentary recovery there is a silent declaration that I will do the diet and the exercise as soon as I have the chance to do it. In the mean time a week passes by which becomes a month and even a year. Still no practice, still no dietary changes, still no lifestyle changes. 

The original problem that subsided, or so it seems, has taken deeper roots because nothing was really done to eradicate the problem, only to mask it for a while. When the problem takes on deeper roots the individual seeks help by the same agent (person or thing) that was given the last time. It worked the last time it should work this time, but the same treatment may not work this time only because the problem festered and took on deeper roots. 

They again seek advice again and the same sequence of advice is given again but the person cannot follow through because they are not physically capable to do it and has to resort to medication again. This time when reminded about the advise that was given the last time, the person says well that diet does not work I tried it the last time, or those exercises don’t works I tried that before. I say hold on a minute, you say that you tried that before and it did not work. Well when did you do the exercise when did you makes the healthful changes that was discussed…you meant to do it and in meaning to do it you remember about it and here at best you think that you did it and never really did anything.  

So somewhere along the way in thinking about doing the healthful practice many end up believing that they did, even though  nothing was, further some people believe that they should be the recipient of the benefits of healthful practice just because they know the procedures.