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  Journey of the Self, through the Self, to the Self  (BG:13-24)



Echoes Of Life |Basic Concept |Personal Bio


Welcome to the Personal Page of Deolal Mahabir

My name is Deolal. For those who find that it a challenge to pronounce, we will do it phonetically...try "Day-O-Lahl", now put it all together and you get Deolal. The title of 'Yogarishi' was given later based on certain criteria.

Over the past thirtyfive year I have worked as a Holistic Health Consultant and Integrative Bodywork Therapist  and a Lifestyle coach. Serving on two levels as an instructor and practitioner. I now practice and teach in Jacksonville, Florida for the past fifteen years, after having lived in Buffalo, NY for over ten years. My work as an Integrative Bodywork Therapist combines Eastern and Oriental Medicine and I have embraced other various form of Western Therapies. These altogether form a very powerful tool that can and has been used for therapeutic intervention on many pre-diagnosed and un-diagnosed conditions.

My training since I was a child and practice spreads across a wide scope of disciplines which includes many techniques that are related to Holistic Health, Rejuvenation and Longevity.I was born into a family of Yoga practitioners who had been practicing for several generations. My mother was my first teacher. After her,I have had many teachers and I was fortunate to have the tutelage from only the top master in each field. These masters taught me, in various practically designed ways  I would either be put in a situation and had to figure it out, or was taught various methods and skills that helped me understand not only the physical but also the energetic, mental, intuitive and cosmic levels as my capacity grew.

My background spaned over the last forty-five years includes Yoga, Meditation, Martial Arts, Tai Chi, Chi Gong, Gymnastics, Classical Vocal music, Engineering Tech (both Electrical and Mechanical), various modalities of therapy which include, Shiatsu, Zen-Shiatsu, Ohashiatsu, CranioSacral therapy, Myofascial Release, Reiki, Polarity Therapy, Thai massage, Ayurvedic massage.Swedish Massage My main focus however, is in Yoga and Meditation, Zen-Shiatsu, CranioSacral Therapy as instructor and practitioner Lic # MA25282.

In the last ten years I have also developed many new protocols that I have not given any name. I did not and could not see the need for more names for healing techniques. In my seminars I offer these techniques. Some of these materials have been written in manuals although much more advanced methods cannot be put into written form because personal guidance is needed.

I have been privileged to practice techniques that takes an individual from the body consciousness through the energy, the mind and beyond the mind, and as a labor of love I am happy to offer many such secrets of the Himalayan Masters to whomever is ready for it. Having been a therapist for over thirty-five years I have developed several protocols to help people understand themselves on much deeper levels.  I  bring the same to you not by force, but as a consequence of my own evolution.

Education and Development

Over the last thirty eight years of so, since 1972 I have been deeply involved  in holistic health first as a student and then practitioner. I was introduced into this lifestyle as early as 1967. Over the course of time I gave up this intent because in that country especially at that time, in order to be considered intelligent you either had to have a degree in engineering, law or medicine, at least that was my impression at that time. Financially medical school was way out of the question. My shy nature had no room for debating and that ruled out Law. So my fascination with Engineering developed and grew. But alongside engineering, my interests for knowing the "human person" also escalated in periods of effort, sometimes exponentially. During this time also I spent many years in monastic training developing a variety of skills. One influencial mentors looked at me as I was then just a young boy and said,"Every experience is an asset and never discount any of them."

In the course of time I have developed many protocol and refined them for dealing with pains and miseries. I have been teaching folks how the break the cycles of pain and miseries through various techniques and the deep philosophies of the Yogic Science. True healing is not in the technique by itself but in  understanding oneself and removing destructive behavioral patterns.

Spirituality runs deep in my ancestry. My grandfather was a 'seer', my grandmother's brother was the 'Dharmacharya' or a particular sect called 'Kabirpanthi-s', followers of the Saint Kabir. as a little boy I only remember everyone referring to him as 'Mahant'. Their spiritual ancestry goes back to India.

Honoring My Teachers

During the 70's and 80's I had the opportunity to study with many world renowned teachers, amongst them were

  1. Swami Dayananda Saraswati, who was the first to open my understanding of Vedanta; 

  2. Dr. Swami Gitananda whose depth and mastery of Classical Hatha Yoga still remains unmatched. A crossroad came when I was invited one fine August to spend one month with Dr. Swami Gitananda in Cornwall, England and during the same time I got an invitation to be with Swami Rama. At the time I could not fund my journey to England and my elder brother in the tradition Alakshindra Chaitanya could fund my visit. his choice was to go to Swami Rama.  I presented my dilemma to Swami Gitananda and he graciously said to me to go ahead and study with Swami Rama. He further said to me, "you cannot serve two gurus, but I will keep you on my list of International Yoga Teachers, under the auspices of Sri Swami Rama", with his blessings I went to spend on six weeks with Sri Swami Rama.

  3.  Sant Keshavdas who was always engrossed in meditation and devotion that often he seemed unaware that there is a physical world,

  4. Yogi Bhajan from who I learnt a system of kundalini yoga. Yogi Bhajan treated me for some condition that I suffered at the time.

  5. Pt. Prof. B. Bhattacharya, (author of "Saivism and the Phallic World" - two volume set). I began studying sanskrit and 'the Mahabharata' from Pt. Bhattacharya. It was he, who in the course of his teaching  made one sweeping statement comparing Dr. Usharbudh Arya (Swami Veda Bharati) and Swami Chinmayananda and providing Sri Swami Rama as the tie breaker, one of the greatest gurus of the time. He claimed that both intellectual giants Swami Chinmayanand and Swami Veda (Dr. Arya) was only separated by the fact that Swami Veda had Swami Rama as his Guru and Swami Chinmayananda did not.

  6. Prof. H. S. Adesh, through whom I came to know many of the great facets of Indian culture and wisdom. He was in essence an ambassador of Indian culture and knowledge. He was to me, Kula Guru 

  7. Dattatriya, for a brief moment as I was making my journey to meet Sri Swami Rama. 

  8. Dr. Sri Swami Rama who took me "under his wings" nurtured me, and gave me the opportunity to go to University and study my chosen field of engineering. He was the only "guru" who never asked for anything from me; or anyone as far as I know; he just gave and gave. One day I uttered a wish that that would like to be a disciple and practice disciplines, and that it did not matter to me whose disciple I was. Just that I become a disciple of someone, some great teacher. He replied, with great depth of fatherliness and reverence in his demeanor saying, I have already accepted you as my disciple. He is the one who revealed to me, whatever depth of Yoga I have. There is a relationship between the Guru and disciple that remains unbroken even after the 'Embodied form of the Guru' is no longer existing, but it is not easy to explain. Any true disciple would know what this is.

  9. Swami Veda Bharati and Pt. Rajmani Tigunait helped me to understand Swami Rama's teachings.

Both Dr. Swami Gitananda and Dr. Swami Rama guided me to an experience that goes way beyond euphoria, and with Swami Rama the experience was taken beyond eupsychia and eulogia. There is no way to compare the two, they were the twin banks of my life.


My latest project was working on the course Yoga Neuro Reflexology.  This is a unique system of techniques which works on connecting afferent and efferent nerve endings that


forces a harmonizing of the lobes of the lungs and the heart


Control of the enteric nervous system and


 establishing proper orchestration of respiratory, circulatory and eliminatory systems.

The effect of this practice extends throughout the entire autonomic nervous system. This course is offered through home study program. (in the process of acquiring ceu's approval for massage therapists, presently in Florida). In higher levels of this study and practice the other aspects of the nervous system. Some of the material coincides with the Advanced Meditation Course.

Other Courses for Home Study are:

Breathing: The Science, Practice and Philosophy

Micromovement Rejuvenation Exercises is designed to be used by anyone even confines to a chair, to work on the meridian system, the glandular systems and all major joints and spinal segments.

Yoga Teachers Training through home study from the basics to advanced training. The advanced training need personal guidance and has to be monitored closely through my seminars or phone consultation. Studied and practiced Yoga since 1964.

Essential Zen Shiatsu-This is a forging of over forty years of working with many chronic pre-diagnosed conditions  Examining what works  best for the individual in the most effective way. This includes element of Yoga, Meditation, Sen Shiatsu, CranioSacral Therapy,Chiropractice and various forms of bodywork.

Meditation Teachers Training -Study and Practice via home study programs, for anyone wanting to study and master meditation correctly and become instructor as well. Three levels are offered Beginners, Intermediate  Advanced  and Master Level. All levels are closely monitored even through the home study program.

Certified Zen Shiatsu Instructor and approved provider for 30 ceu's in the state of Florida. Studied and have been practicing Shiatsu since 1972.

It is these skills and experiences that I use in my everyday lifestyle and which I have been sharing with other for over 35 years, and would like to share with you. My own spiritual master taught, if you don't do the headstand (a posture in Yoga) then don't teach it. Whatever I have presented here are things that I have practiced at varying levels.

Come, let us explore the mind and beyond together


Here are Pictures of My Family, my wife Pratibha and our daughter Aditi at 4 months old;  the picture below includes our son Vivashwan 



                                                                                                                                                Photo by Wesley Lester

With Mayor Peyton of Jacksonville 2005


October 8th 2010 at Lauri Hitzig and Larry Wilson arts exhibit


Oct 11th 2010

Another toast to Your Health, Beauty, Rejuvenation and Longevity