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  Journey of the Self, through the Self, to the Self  (BG:13-24)



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Vedic Yoga

The study of Yoga goes all the way back to the Vedas, the embodiment of Indic knowledge. The exact origin of the Vedic texts cannot be ascertained. Scholars will continue to debate the history or the Vedas. How old it? When it was written? For what purpose!

While these debate continues, the philosophers on the other hand maintain...who cares when it came into existence, use the wealth of knowledge for one's own evolution.

It is interesting that the ancient masters of the Vedic wisdom did not leave behind any fossils to determine when they existed. Or, they must have hid it so well in mountain caves that we cannot find them.

All the knowledge contained in the yoga systems is scattered over the 4 Vedas which is the basis of the six schools of Indian Philosophy. Many traditional scholars would advocate that the study of Yoga should not begin without having started with the first of the six schools of Indian Philosophy i.e. Vaiçeçika Sütras of Kaëäda .

The Natural progression of study begins here, for one to fully understand Yoga.

There are some however, who are not interested in practicing yoga but are philosophers who would make a counter argument, that the one should begin study with the Nyaya system or philosophy of Gotama.

The knowledge of these six schools and the essence of the Vedas were passed down by the Rishis and hence was also called Rishi Yoga.

Both the science combined with the  practice constitute Gyana-Vigyana Yoga