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What is Yoga? 

Standard definitions of Yoga 

1.  Yogas Chitta Vritti Nirodhah

Yoga is the control of the modifications of the mind. 

bulletThe sensory motor system (manas)
bulletThe memory (Chitta)
bulletThe faculty of discrimination (buddhi)
bulletThe Ego, I-am-ness (Ahankara)

2.  Yogah Karmasu Kaushalam  (Bh.G)

Yoga is skill in action 

Performing your actions skillfully, lovingly and without expectations. 

3.  Yoga is Samadhi (and that Samadhi is a universal attribute of the mind-field (chitta)).  

4.  Yoga is niroddha which leads to the seer’s remaining in his or her own nature totally and permanently.  

This means having absolute volition.

The word Yoga comes from the the Sanskrit verb yuj

The 4th conjugation of yuj means Samadhi

The 6th conjugation yujir meaning Samadhi

The 10th conjugation of yuj, meaning , “to join, to restrain, to keep under control as in yoking.”  

To Some the primary meaning was Samadhi, but there is much use in the sense of uniting, joining, yoking, in Vedic and Upanishadic literature. For purposes of the Yoga texts (Yoga Sutras) it is reasonable to accept.  

The Rishi Vyasa’s statement that the word yoga means Samadhi and that Samadhi is a universal attribute of the mind field.


The practice of yoga actually begins in the mind and through the medium of the breath becomes manifest in the body. -Deolal Mahabir

This definition and its applications is expanded elsewhere and in my yoga courses.

It might be worth well to comment here that yoga is not the downward dog pose or standing on your head; it is not a once a week-yoga class or reading a yoga book, watching a TV special, chanting, belonging to a yoga group is not yoga. Rather yoga is a way of life where the principles and practices of Yoga are made the foundation of the spiritual life and one lives Yoga- fearlessly. This then, is the Yoga life- a life of personal freedom.

Yoga Therapy

It may not be possible for anyone to be receiving therapy everyday (except in rare cases and affordability). But for the healing process to be more effective the individual has to make some effort on their own. Based on the condition, selected Yoga Postures, stretches, mudras, breathing exercises and meditative techniques are given, so that the individuals can  practice at home.

Yoga is probably the most powerful healing technique that one can use as a cure for almost everything. Yoga has been taught and  practiced for thousands of years. In the monastic caves in the Himalayas, I am told, that there are inscription on the walls that dated back to at least 7000 years ago. The only problem is, that if one is sick or bed ridden and cannot to do the practice, then Yoga is of no use to anyone. For this reason having a treatment, to tonify the body, the glandular system and the nervous system so that you feel good and have the strength and motivation and encouragement to get into the practice.

In reflection, touch is one of the five components of health. The word palpate come from the Latin "palpare" to caress, here to touch with care, loving touch, therapeutic touch, healing touch.

For a list of more standard Yoga Systems. Different people, depending on their backgrounds will find themselves attracted to at least two systems to work with. Usually Hatha Yoga being one of them and is recommended to practice alongside any other chosen system. I have studied and practiced most of these that are  mentioned, the few that I have not practiced, I had little contact with them. There are other systems that I have not mentioned even in brief, and those are the ones that I have not practiced but just know little about, e.g., Siddha Yoga, Sahaj Yoga. And then there are certain ones that I did not mention because I do not have permission from my own teacher to do so.