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  Journey of the Self, through the Self, to the Self  (BG:13-24)



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andhantamaù pravisanthi ye'vidyämupäsate |

tato bhuya iva te tamo ya u vidyäyäð rathaù ||

They who worship Avidya alone fall into blind darkness, 
and they who worship vidya alone fall as though 
into an even greater darkness.

Although Avidya is commonly used to mean ignorance, non-knowledge, it also carries other levels of meanings as is typical of the sanskrit language. Another meaning of Avidya is outward activity, which can also be interpreted as practice alone in this case.

whereas Vidya which is usually used to mean knowledge also refers to inward contemplation as well as science  (these are some of the meanings and depending on the level of the practitioner the meanings deepens)

Those who do only practice with knowing why, this text says fall into a deep darkness of ignorance. This is exactly what happens to many people who want to master the physical aspect of yoga posture and not knowing the postures themselves arises in the mind.

Those who do research only and do not do any practice, maintain that they have the knowledge and fall into the trap that since they already have the knowledge do not need to practice. they do not have the benefit of the practice but will not practice because of the blindness of such one-sided knowledge.



vidyaà cävidyaà ca yastadvedibhayað saha |

avidyaya måtyuà tértvä vidya yämåtamañnute ||


He who knows at the same time both Vidya and Avidya overcomes death by Avidya and obtains immortality by Vidya

This combination of Science and Practice is known and Gyana-Vigyana Yoga was taught by the Ancient  Rishis (Rishi Yoga), it is the very essence of the Vedas (Vedic Yoga )