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  Journey of the Self, through the Self, to the Self  (BG:13-24)



Echoes Of Life |Basic Concept |Personal Bio


"If You Don't Scale The Mountains...

...You Cannot View The Plains"

In Eastern literature, it is said, "How you see the world is a result of your perceptions and your perceptions is the result of your impressions".

These impressions are collected each and every moment and are stored in the memory bank. These are the impression that are used as  indexes to measure new situations or new encounters. These same impressions shape the new experiences that are the cause of bliss or the cause of misery.

Everyone has a personality based on all the thoughts and impressions that they had had since childhood, including in the womb, up until the present day. For those who resonate with reincarnation, the personality then is the sum total of all the impressions and thoughts for all their lifetimes. These personalities attracts certain tendencies, forces certain tendencies that either helps us or harms us. Through various methods of self awareness we learn to examine and refine these tendencies and control them. In doing so they become self-transformation programs.

In the page Echoes of Life, I shared some impressions based on many years of practice and training and observation.

I wish to present you also the basis of this Concept that has been taught for thousands of years, which introduces the hierarchy of the human person. Together with some of the reasons I embrace them.

I would also like to share some of my background.


If your stored impressions are focused on the physical then your responses are going to be purely physical. For the same reason if you seek help from someone whose view is pure physical they are going to see all problems as physical and the approach to working on the problems is going to be purely physical as well.

There is an old adage "If your only tool is a hammer all problems will look like a nail".

If your stored impressions are focused on energy levels and energy fields, then your responses are going to reflect your dealing with energy or the physical or both. At this level you can see that you have a choice of options. you can look at a problems in two different ways and approach solutions in more than one way.

If you focus on the impressions on the mental levels, then your responses are going to be with respect to the mental, the energetic and physical singly or collectively. Solutions on existing problems are easier seen to be on multi levels and solutions to the problems can be approached from various optional levels.

The higher levels include the emotional and spiritual levels. A spiritual master who has scaled the mountain and sees the plains, has the ability to see on many hierarchal level and can assist the individual on many levels accordingly.

Seeing and solving problems on many different levels is much more effective than only one level. The people that I work with individually are presented the many different levels as part of the solutions to their physical mental and emotional conditions. Truly a holistic approach.