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  Journey of the Self, through the Self, to the Self  (BG:13-24)



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Meditation Teachers Training

Beginners Program - six lesson course (Home Study Program)

These are the topics covered in the beginners course

1. Introduction - Introduction & Body Awareness

bulletHatha Yoga versus Meditation
bulletDefinitions of Meditation
bulletBody Awareness as the First Step
bulletDynamic Changes in practice- faddism
bulletRelaxation and Obstacles
bulletRelaxation and Traumas
bulletBody Awareness Relaxation through Micro-movement Relaxation
bulletBelief Systems
bulletPratyahara-Sense Awareness Meditation Exercise
bulletApproaches to Meditation

2.Mechanics of Micro Movements Relaxation

bulletThe Mechanics of MicroMovements Relaxations Exercises.
bulletThree Zones of the Body
bulletAdvantages of Micro-movement Exercises
bulletPersonalized Practice
bulletMovement Relaxation
bulletRelationship to Teacher (outer and inner)
bulletPratyahara-Sense Awareness Meditation Exercise

3. Where we are and want to go to

bulletPancha Koshas- Five Fields of Energy
bulletAnnamaya Kosha-Physical Field
bulletPranamaya Kosha- Energy Field
bulletManomaya Kosha - Mind Field
bulletVigyanamaya Kosha-  Field of Intelligence
bulletAnandamaya Kosha - Field of Bliss
bulletForm Follows Function-Direction of involutions
bulletFirst Three Levels- Physical world to the conscious mind
bulletTension Relaxation
bulletPractice Time-Two Minutes Drill
bulletImpediments to the Practice

4. Breath Awareness and Pranayama

bulletConscious Breathing vs Unconscious Breathing
bulletPrana-Vital Energy Force
bulletPranayama- control of the vital energy force
bulletAwareness of Body movements through breath
bulletMovement Relaxation - impulse to move
bulletImpediments to the Practice-Recapturing Past Achievements
bulletProgressively training the mind
bulletPranamaya Kosha

5. Awareness of the Senses

bulletWhat are the senses
bullet5 senses of action,5 senses of perception
bulletWhy become aware of them
bulletBreath awareness in Nostrils;Warm-Cool Breath
bulletSystematic Relaxation
bulletImpediments to the Practice
-Taking Inventory

6. Attachment to the senses

bulletFirst Language
bulletAttachment by associations
bulletSense Withdrawal Exercise 
bulletTouch of Breath in nostrils
bulletImpulse to Breathe
bulletConnecting points of the breath
bulletWhy Sensory Awareness



Intermediate Program - six lesson courses

These are the main topics covered in the Intermediate course each containing several lessons

The details of this level will be given on completion Beginners

1. Introduction to Diaphragmatic Breathing

2. Regulation of the Breath DESS

3. Diet and Prana;Effects on Diapharagmatic Breath

4. Diet and its Effects on Body/Mind

5. Sensory Withdrawal

6. Harmonic Centering 

Advanced Levels- six lesson courses

These are the main topics covered in the Advanced course each containing several lessons.

Details of this Level will be given on completion of Intermediate

1. Breath and Mind Link

2. Exploring and learning to Control the Mind

3. Brain Laterality and Hemispheric Control

4. Control the Mind through Sound Vibration

5. Spinal and Cranial Nerve Control

6. Glandular Control


Master's Course

Study at this level strictly by invitation from Yogarishi Deolal Mahabir

  1. Fusion of the Pranic Energies
  2. Generating internal nuclear fission to break through major granthis (block)
  3. Chakra balancing
  4. Chakra linking
  5. Systematic absorption of the lower chakras into the higher chakras
  6. Establishing the one chakra, the Sudarshana Chakra
  7. Weakening the Sanskaras and Vasanas
  8. Introduction of the multi-states of consciousness.


Yoga Teachers Training

200 hours and 500 hours level Certification and Beyond

These Programs include therapeutic applications

These are taught by Yogarishi Deolal Mahabir, a direct descendent of a 7000 plus years old unbroken meditative tradition

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