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  Journey of the Self, through the Self, to the Self  (BG:13-24)



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Secret of secrets


Here is a definition of a secret that may not make it into the standard dictionaries... “A secret is something that everyone knows about but still don’t know what it is.” Only when no one knows what it actually is, but knows about it, that it becomes a secret.

For example, everyone knows about GOD but few if any knows god and if someone claims that they do, they are met with serious doubts and their sanity may even be in question.

Once I overheard a psychiatrist telling a lawyer in a new age book store in New York that if anyone comes into his office and said that they met god, he would but them away in an insane asylum for insanity.

There is a wave sweeping across the country called ‘the secret’. Some call it the law of attraction. Basically the secret is that one can manifest whatever they want, or attract it to themselves. There is an actual method to do so.

The ‘secret;’ is none other that what used to be called affirmation many years ago and many books and tapes, T-shirts, banners etc, were sold.

The method used suggests strongly that intention is used, with imagination and emotions.

  1. Intention is the urge to have something.
  2. Imagination is really ‘image-in-action’
  3. Emotions are the used of the senses to amplify the imagination towards attraction the objects of the intention.

The problem is that while the law of attraction is a contender, many evoke this law towards achieving only material things. Even the best of material things leads only towards momentary happiness and comfort.

The very same thing that supplies happiness will supply grief. So be careful what you wish for.

Wishing for, and having candy will only lead one to joy and eventually to rotten teeth and upset stomach. Wishing for, and having toys will only leads one play for a while but then to boredom. Wishing for and having a big house one may get it but it comes with heavy expenses, mortgages, expensive cars comes with high monthly payments.

What many do not know is that whenever there is a conjecture, imagination, emotion, sensation, intention, it draws or brings the senses in to action. The only time that the senses come into action is during the waking state of consciousness and the dream state of consciousness, the waking state being the grossest state.

Both the waking and dream states of consciousness use the five senses of action and the five senses of perception and the mind as the eleventh sense. These senses have a kinship with the sense objects that cannot be severed. Seeing and light, the eyes sees light and color and the reflections of the light produce forms that the eyes recognize; hearing and sound, the ears hear sound waves as they strike the eardrums, and so all the senses have their sense objects.

If someone is being chased or dreams that they are being chased they become tired just the same. In the deep sleep state however, the senses are withdrawn from the sense objects. All the body systems go through a state of re-configuration, like pressing the reset button. That is why sleep is so necessary.

Beyond the deep sleep state is another state that can be referred to as the ‘superconscious’ state. In the superconscious state one is aware of all four states. Hence, in the waking state one is not ordinarily aware of what is happening in the dream state or the deep sleep state. In the dreaming state of consciousness one is not ordinarily aware of the waking state of the deep sleep state. In the deep sleep state one in not ordinarily aware of the waking or dream states.

The phasing in and out of the one of these three states is just like a hamster running on it whirling wheel, round and round, until it gets tired and falls and must take a rest. Then it wakes up to do it all over again.


The law of attraction works on the two outer levels, oscillating between desiring and fulfilling that desire and in the process that one desire gives birth to many more desires and the fulfilling of those desires creates more. For just a brief moment there is a rest pit of joy and the joy does not last long. When the joy ceases pain of not having arises, and the cycle begins again.

The law of attraction perpetuates this journey between pleasure and pain.

The two inner levels lead to the subtler and the spiritual level of consciousness. In the fourth level of consciousness one is able to witness all that is happening and not get caught in the wheel. One can choose, when to get on the wheel and when to get off not like the hamster not knowing whether they are on the wheel or off. That is the Secret of secrets.

The secret of secret cannot be attained by affirmation, intention, imagination and sensations, but only through the practice of meditation.