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  Journey of the Self, through the Self, to the Self  (BG:13-24)



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Yoga is said to be the journey of the self, through the self , to the self. 

This being the case the study and practice does not end with the issuance of a certificate, rather with a full knowledge of one's self.

However, with Yoga being and becoming as popular as it is these days, there are many who do not know the depth of yoga and many who are teaching physical exercise as if it were yoga in its entirety. One mentions the word yoga and the the idea of twisting the body into some contorted shape of standing on one head or sitting in lotus posture and very popular these days is the downward dog posture, popularized by the newly invented 'Power Yoga'.

Some classes do get a little beyond the physical only in so far as to say that there are eight limbs of yoga, but may mention it in brief and then continue on with the physical practice. Some classes may have the Eight Fold Path of Patanjali posted up on the wall of the class and that is far is it goes.

If we were to concentrated on the Eight Fold Path of Yoga , codified by the great Maharishi Patanjali, then Physical Yoga postures is the third aspect of this practice and has to be preceded by two stages of practice, beginning with the understanding of non-harm or non-violence. This practice of non-harming has to begins with oneself and only when it is established within then can it be extended to others.

Our classes here concentrates on all the aspects of the Eight Fold path codified and systematized by Maharishi Patanjali and beyond into Vedic Yoga, also known as Rishi Yoga also known as Gyana-Vigyana Yoga.

Echoes of Life and Yoga Spectra offers yoga teachers training at all levels.

The standard 200 hours , 500 hours teachers certification and beyond.

There are all available through home study programs.

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