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  Journey of the Self, through the Self, to the Self  (BG:13-24)



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Meditation Teachers Training

Yoga Teachers Training

Yoga Neuro-Reflexology


Classes and Workshops

Continuing Education

Muscle Meridian Sedation Integrated Approach




Regular Classes

Therapeutic Yoga and Meditation classes




Highlights of the class:

bulletContemplative exercises for Physical, Emotional and Spiritual well being, regenerating enthusiasm for Life.
bulletBreathing exercise for stress reduction.
bulletBreathing exercise for deep relaxation.
bulletSimple techniques for neck and back pains.
bulletMicromovement exercises for rejuvenation.
bulletMicromovement exercises to restore and rebalance the nervous system.
bulletBreathing exercise for body pH balance.
bulletIntroduction to Exercise Without Movements. 

Overall Benefits to attendees

These techniques help with many pre-diagnosed conditions including: digestive disorders, chronic headaches, back & neck pain and discomfort, insomnia, anxieties, bronchial problems, inflexibility, as well as many other mental, physical and emotional conditions.

All interested students are welcome to benefit from this yoga and meditation module.
Please bring: appropriate clothing for practice, a yogamat, a firm cushion for seated meditation.

Professional Benefits for attendees-
Class hours are accumulated towards.

  1. Meditation Teachers Certification.
  2. Yoga Teachers Certification
  3. CE units for Yoga Alliance membership


Current Seminars


Wednesdays: Yoga by Invitation


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Submit payment by Check on first day of class or go to Donations and Class Fees


One on one Therapeutic Meditation Consultation by appointment (phone consultation).