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  Journey of the Self, through the Self, to the Self  (BG:13-24)



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Yoga-Neuro Reflexology is a unique system of re-alignment established by ancient yogic science that anyone can safely use. This system harnesses the principles of reflexology, together with neuro-mechanical techniques used to lock-in afferent and efferent nerve endings that forces a harmonizing of all the lobes of the lungs and the heart. Re-established balance the digestive system and elimination system.


The techniques are based on very advanced yogic science designed to produce deep relaxation of the gross musclulo-skeletal systems in a matter of four days and with continued practice deeper relaxation and control of the softer internal muscular systems. The entire autonomic nervous system is regulated and benefited from these simple techniques without any harm. Regulating the autonomic nervous system with these techniques positively enhances the operation of the other systems of the body such as the endocrine, respiratory, circulatory, eliminatory systems etc., thus promoting the highest standard of health within 3 to 6 months.



Yoga Neuro-Reflexology

level one

Yoga Neuro-Reflexology is a unique system that works on the entire body/mind and beyond in several ways.

  1. A Method of Structural Re-alignment established by ancient Yogic Science not offered by any other Training Systems. This is a Self-Administered method of Structural-Skeletal Alignment, the approach is simple and easy enough that one may be able to perform even if confined to a chair.
  2. Yoga Neuro-Reflexology involves techniques that stimulate reflex points as used in Zone Therapy.  Yoga Neuro-Reflexology uses body alignment employing gravity as the only force to stimulate the various organ system zones. The amount of pressure applied is monitored by the individual themselves, based on his/her comfort level.
  3. A direct aid in removing stress from the musculo-skeletal system and fascial system.
  4. Removes stress and strain from the Autonomic Nervous System thus promoting improved circulation, healthier glandular system and function, reduces pain and may totally alleviate pains in some cases. Under direct observation this system has provided relief from various kinds of headaches, cramps and stiffness in the joints and spinal restrictions.
  5. In minimizing postural distortions, a method called “Micromovement Rejuvenation Exercises” is used that has a direct effect on the joints and glandular systems, the spinal nervous system and cerebro-spinal fluid. Some advanced techniques are offered that helps bring balance to the cranial nerves.
  6. The use of specific yogic breathing exercises that sets up a harmonious balance between the Heart and the various lobes of the Lungs collectively.
  7. other neuro-mechanical techniques that enables the individual to isolate and enhance communication between each lobe of the lungs and the heart which has a direct effect on the balance of the meridian system. This is vital for proper circulation of blood throughout the body as an aid to removing ischemic conditions.



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